Marriage Works is a common-sense premarriage education programme.

Couples wanting the keys to build great marriages can read the book and watch the DVD by themselves but working through it with mentors helps get the best out of it and brings a new dimension to premarriage education.

What are mentors?

Mentors are simply couples who have good marriages, a passion to help couples getting married to build the best marriages possible and willingness to share their wisdom and experience in this area.

Our experience with hundreds of couples over 15+ years, indicates that mentoring is best if done once a week for 6 weeks in the confidential setting such of the mentors' home.

It's not about age but about your track record!

We suggest that mentors don't need to be any particular age but should simply have been married long enough to demonstrate a good marriage and provide credibility through the experience they have as a married couple.

We can't provide or recommend mentors but we suggest couples heading for marriage and wanting mentors to help them with Marriage Works, should seek the help of the local church they can relate to most easily.

Hopefully that enquiry will produce mentors who have the confidence of the Vicar, Priest, Minister or Pastor of the church and who have a passion to help couples build the best marriage possible.

How this Marriage Works mentoring programme works best, is contained in the Mentors Guide that Owen & Pamela have written to share their practical experience and knowledge with mentors they are unlikely to ever meet.

That Guide is part of the Mentors Pack that mentors can order through the Resources page on this website.

Mentors can also email us at for answers to any questions they have about the Guide or this programme.

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We really do think you will get huge benefit from owning our Couples Pack and working through the book. You can order it right here.